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How to choose your Tokaido Karate Gi?

Some guidelines to help you choose the right Tokaido karate gi..

  1. TYPE

    It is very important to choose a karate gi that will give you high freedom of movement and comfort whether you want it for competition, grading or just general training.
    First: You need to know what you want to use it mainly for. Is it kumite, kata/grading or just general training?
    For kumite, Tokaido have lightweight gis of up to 3.5oz. They are high quality and NOT see-through. These can also be used in general training.
    For kata/gradings, select slightly heavy material of up to 12oz or more for adults. Our Tokaido selection of kata gis have the Ultimate-Sound technology that provides impressive acoustic sounds for each dynamic body movement you make. These can also be used for general basics training.

  2. SIZE

    Tokaido karate suits are unisex. Everyone wears the same. Understanding of size is then very important.
    We normally calculate our sizes according to height and weight. For example, height 180cm (5’11”), weight 65-100kg then choose gi size 180-190cm. Please refer to our size guide for more information or contact us.
    Kids sizes range from size 100cm to 150cm
    Adults sizes range from 150cm to 210cm


    Do you want a short arms and legs with long skirt cut (Japanese cut) or European Cut long arms and legs with long skirt? You can also choose a traditional Made in Japan Tokaido style gi, a slim fit or standard cut style. It is best to find a cut that you will feel comfortable wearing.


    Tokaido is the oldest martial arts brand. Having produced karate gis since 1956, it is a World renowned brand for its high quality and fair prices.
    The gis are made of breathable fabric, cotton, light polyester or a mixture. Follow simple washing instructions on each gi and the gi is guaranteed to last a long time. You can also purchase our recommended washing liquids and care products here!

  5. OTHER

    At JCK-Sports you will find the perfect karate gi for your needs. We have beginner gis at affordable prizes, advanced gis that meet everyone’s needs and professional gis Made in Japan. Our suits are approved by international federations like the WKF and also very popular in Traditional karate federations.

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