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Since 1956

Founded by Shizuo Sigiura, Tokaido International has been supplying karatekas all over the world with the finest top quality karate equipment since 1956.

Over the years the Tokaido brand has gained a lot of popularity among both sport karate and traditional karate practitioners. It has become the world-wide standard for karate equipment. We supply high quality karate gis for all ages and levels, protective gear including tokaido gloves and the world renowned Tokaido black belts. Many of the products we offer are WKF approved but we also have traditional karate equipment suitable for all other Federations.

Welcome to JCK-SPORTS

Your Tokaido UK online martial arts shop!

With us you can easily order Tokaido Karate equipment at attractive prices.

JCK-Sports is the UK’s Official supplier of Tokaido karate equipment. We supply high quality Tokaido Karate Gis, Tokaido Karate Belts, Tokaido Karate protective equipment and various Team Tokaido Clothing and equipment. Whether you are an elite professional karateka after a top quality Made in Japan Tokaido-gi / belt or you are after some Tokaido Gloves for your next competition or just a sports bag to put all your training equipment we have got you covered.

Since 1956, Tokaido karate brand has been leading in producing the best karate suits in the World. We at JCK-Sports have got a team of experts that will help you choose the optimal Tokaido karate equipment for both your training and competition requirements. We also have helpful online guides on how to choose the correct Tokaido karate suits for you.

Our Tokaido Karate gis range from WKF Approved karate suits, Traditional Karate gis which are Ad-Free(no brand logo on top chest/back) so acceptable to train at all Federations, Tokaido Japanese Cut suits, European Cut Tokaido Gis, special Made in Japan Tokaido gis, Traditional Tokaido gis  Kumite or Kata Gis. There are a variety of Tokaido Uniforms choices to pick from.

At JCK-Sports we value safety in Martial Arts training. You can choose from our safe, tried and tested Tokaido protective equipment. The Tokaido equipment again covers everyone. We have WKF Approved Tokaido Gloves, Shotokan karate mitts, Tokaido shin/foot protectors, kids Tokaido body protectors, karate mouthguards etc. All our equipment has been thoroughly tested and is worn by some international elite athletes.

Tokaido Karate Belts have long been recognised as some of the best in martial arts. We have silk Made in Japan Tokaido Black belts that shimmer nicely as they age. You can also  choose our cotton black belts again Made in Japan. For those going through the junior karate grades, we also have all your Tokaido gading belts for kyu grades in all sizes. All our belts are colour-fast which means you can wash them as many times as you can without the colour coming off.

Demonstrate that team spirit together with your teammates by choosing our TeamTokaido clothing. There are Tokaido T-shirts, compression shirts, Tokaido shoes and various Tokaido sports bags to choose from in the Leisure & Training section. If you are looking for a present for yourself or a martial arts fanatic in your life, we have various small karate gifts like head speed balls which is great for reflex training and various key rings. Visit the karate gifts page.

As an experienced supplier of the World’s oldest (Since 1956) and biggest brand in Tokaido UK, we always do our utmost best to please all our customers with expert advice, fast delivery (FREE for UK), and fair prices. We at JCK-Sports are a team of all practising karatekas and know exactly what we are selling. We have over the years tried it and tested it ourselves. Regardless of whether for self-defence or competitive sport – we welcome you to order with our online Tokaido UK Budo store on www.jck-sports.co.uk