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TOKAIDO Kata Master Athletic, WKF

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NEW Special Edition (10oz) fabric available in TOKAIDO English RED/BLUE shoulder embroidery


Contact us for for no embroidery only sizes 190, 195 & 200

Suits Size Guide

Please Note: The information in this chart are recommendations only. If you find yourself between 2 sizes then either choose a larger or smaller size depending on your personal preference. If you are unsure on the correct size to choose please get in touch here.
Height (cm)Weight (kg)Recommended Size
110~ 45110
115~ 45115
120~ 45120
125~ 45125
130~ 45130
135~ 45135
140~ 45140
14545 - 60150
15045 - 70150 - 160
15545 - 75155 - 165
16045 - 80160 - 170
16550 - 85165 - 175
17055 - 90170 - 180
17560 - 95175 - 185
18065 - 100180 - 190
18570 - 105185 - 195
19075 - 110190 - 200
19580 - 110195 - 200
20085 - 115200 - 210
20590 - 120210
21095 - 120210
ATKMA , , , ,

TOKAIDO Kata Master Athletic, v2, WKF, Special Edition (New Fabric)


Introducing the TOKAIDO Kata Master Athletic v2, WKF, Special Edition, a karate gi that redefines excellence, exclusively from Tokaido UK. This exceptional gi isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement, tailored specifically for kata competitions and training, designed to meet the exacting standards of Kata athletes.

  • Crafted from a new, specially developed fabric for Kata, this gi exemplifies unparalleled quality and innovation. Thanks to the input of renowned athletes like Japanese Kenichi Sato and Vice World Champion Ilja Smorguner, the Kata Master Athletic cut embodies precision and sophistication.
  • The slim fit design is a marvel of tailoring, featuring a “smart shoulder cut” that gives the appearance of a meticulously tailored business shirt. Its tight-fitting sleeves not only enhance visibility, allowing officials and students to grasp techniques better, but also ensure a flawless execution. Reinforced end seams provide a graceful drape, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Innovative high-waist lacing grants unrestricted leg movement with every action, while the trousers boast a seamless design for an unblemished look. The fabric’s unique Japanese light blue cast imparts a radiant white hue, symbolizing purity and excellence. The material has been optimized to emphasize intensive techniques with a resonating sound, showcasing your skill with every move.
  • This gi, composed of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, strikes a perfect balance, reducing weight for higher jumps without compromising durability. The interior of the jacket features a striking traditional Japanese print, adding a touch of artistry to the design. The gi proudly displays the embroidered Tokaido logo on the chest, back neck, and now, also on the trousers towards the bottom. For a personalized touch, the gi comes with Tokaido embroidery in English on the shoulders, available in vibrant Red or Blue.
  • WKF approval certifies its adherence to the highest standards, while its low shrinkage rate of approximately 3% ensures a consistent, perfect fit over time. Each set includes a jacket and pants, complemented by a complimentary gym bag for added convenience.
  • Elevate your kata experience with the TOKAIDO Kata Master Athletic v2, WKF Special Edition – where tradition meets innovation, and champions choose excellence. Experience the difference with Tokaido.
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160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195, 200

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