All Purpose Spray Cleaner, Rhinoc Sport, 5L


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All Purpose Spray Cleaner, Rhinoc Sport, 5L

Powerful biological all purpose cleaner using probiotics – developed for a 100% safe, deep microscopic and environmentally friendly cleaning for all your sports gear and equipment. Ideal for sport mats, sports equipment such as punching bags / pads, fitness equipment, etc. Effectively eliminates dirt, sweat stains, unpleasant smells and brings a fresh scent. Also reduces the risk of mold, infections, and bad / pathogenic bacteria till 5 days after use.

  • suitable for all materials
  • safe & biological neutralization of odors
  • based on probiotics (ProBio)
  • biodegradable
  • not harmful to humans and the environment
  • extends the life of the materials
  • highly concentrated
  • fresh fragrance – easy to use
  • universally applicable
  • 2 years shelf life guaranteed
  • also available in other variations



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